Zb Intramuscular Injectable (IV) use

Zb Intramuscular Injectable (IV) use

Price: $190.00/60ml




Hansi injectable Za and Zb are the master physiological simulators of the Hansi line. These two serve as the framework that all other Hansi products can be added to to achieve the desired effect.

Za and Zb stimulate the production of Natural Killer cells, the body’s first line of defense against disorders, IGF-1, an indicator of the body’s production of Stem cells which are the basis of all regeneration of the body, HGH, the fountain of youth or the master rebuilder of the body, lymphocyte cells, cytochrome p450, glutathione peroxidase and other immune system defense mechanisms and energizes the mitochrondria of each cell in the body to start the process of restoring the body to the natural healthy state.

Note: Hansi Za and Zb are not recommended in patients with platelet counts under 50000.


Hansi Zb formulation:

92% sterile distilled water, 8% alcohol – Cacti grandiflora 4x – Lycopodium clavatum 12x – Thuja oxidentalis 6x – Aloe socotrina 6x – Viscum álbum 11x – Calcárea Carbonica 6x