White Paper Penn State University – 1997

D.L. Hull M.D. Penn State University White Paper Speech

This speech was given Oct. 20, 1997.

White Paper Penn State University

Presenter: D.L. Hull, M.D. Monday, 20, October 1997

Can Patients Refractoriness Promote Cooperation Between traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine for Better Patient Health?

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen,

When first invited to present at this conference, I excitedly thought: “How fantastic it would be if it were possible to reduce the death rate from heart disease by 20% in the first decade of the next millennium! Also, it would be equally exciting if we could reduce the frequency of hip replacement by 30% (or more) and remove over 60% of those individuals on the liver transplant recipient lists, i.e. those with primary biliary cirrhosis.” On the other hand, it occurred to me that if a method were offered to accomplish those goals, it would be looked upon as being so simple that it would earn substantial ridicule. However, having arrived at a point in my professional life where I am not disturbed by ridicule – when I know I am right – I enthusiastically forged forward with this presentation.

Through most of my structured medical education, and my professional life, I have been – and continue to be – impressed that we are to focus on accumulating enough of the proper symptoms and signs to identify the specific disease an individual has. Indeed, this is the basis of the chart work the doctor is required to complete in order to obtain third party reimbursement. Following all of this, we proceed to focus the treatment on the symptoms of medical practice will achieve some sort of cure for the patient. In my opinion, that is where conventional medicine has gone wrong- and for a very long time!

In the inflammatory process on a cellular level is a common denominator as to the way human tissue reacts to the manner in which environmental influences alter homeostasis, then it is a great leap of faith to assume that this tissue reaction (the inflammatory process) is the ubiquitous precursor to altered cellular resonance which precedes chronic degenerative disease? This inflammatory process (homeostatic imbalance), when treated by what we put into the infant’s intestinal tract, often produces even mire aberrations in the homeostatic mechanism.

Are we in medicine guilty of inadequately dealing with the inflammatory cellular process is a precursor to chronic degenerative disease (i.e., if you will, a barometer of both the quality and quantity of life?) Certainly!

We know that the cellular called “Inflammation?, is described by a discussion of the interaction of cytokines, immunoglobulins, interleukins, T-Cells, macrophages, esoinophils,etc. The participation of the immune system is a cellular response to noxious agents affecting one’s homeostatis. We do not materially alter this cellular response in a positive way with the use of antihistamines, exogenous cytokines, or antimetabolites. Conventional treatment has failed to correct the cellular response to inflammation, with the consequence that we now have a plethora of chronic degenerative diseases with little possibility of achieving any sort of cure for patients with such problems. It seems that the best we can do is to offer symptom-reducing medications and hope that those patients will better tolerate their “bad outcomes” by joining “support groups.” Maybe it is a kind of consolation to know that there may be someone worse off than yourself. As a healer, I would much rather cure people than have them huddling in a “support group:- presumably trying to feel better about their particular dilemma which persists because “the system” failed to meet their needs. We should be ashamed if this is the best we can to for those who entrust us with their well-being. If you doubt what I say, then try spending an afternoon a a meeting of the primary immune deficiency foundation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we are meeting to discuss treatment possibilities of a new paradigm for the coming millennium. This discussion -to be successful – must include the way in which the human paradigm handles inflammation. This is the touchstone for what happens to the health of the human organism:


Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Asthma

Otitis Media



Ileitis (Crohn’s Deisase)

Ulcerative Colitis/Diverticulitis

Cholangitis – Primary Biliary Disease

Coronary and Carotid Vasculitis



Financially speaking, the pharmaceutical and advertising industries have done quite well l while , over the past fifty years, the health of the people has deteriorated with the use of chemical pharmaceuticals. We are unable to cure any of these problems: Rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, crest syndrome, progressive systemic sclerosos, Raynaud’s disease, allergic asthma, primary billary cirrhosis, Chro’s disease, primary immune deficiencies, myelodysplastic syndrome, and cancer. This inability to positively

alter the cellular inflammatory response has provided modern surgery with the opportunity to have developed the best replacement technicians ever known to mankind. If we cannot fix it, we will replace it. This whole scenario has reached such a level that now we have managed care facilities using nurses (at a less expense, of course), instead of physicians to diagnose and prescribe for these problems. I suppose they feel- since no one cures these problems and you can learn of the new treatment on television- then just let the nurse do it. Why not? It saves money. This indicates that we need more healers for the next millennium. A healer is one who knows how to ask the right questions of a patient and methodically listens to the answers. A healer searches for the fundamental cause of a problem and then tries to solve it. The healthcare provider looks for the symptoms and attempts to use medications to eliminate them. Without rancor, we must ask ourselves why healthcare providers allow those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo to permit their strings to be pulled as if they are but a group of marionettes!

If we are to develop a new treatment paradigm, we must sever the strings now being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry – assisted by big government and refocus our efforts on how one alters cellular resonance in such a way as to return to homeostasis. We need to positively influence the cellular response of inflammation by using treatments which modulate immune system activity. There are a certain natural substances, i.e. biologic response modifiers which will predictably ( in a great majority of patients) alter cellular activity and eliminate inflammation. The most one of these is called Hansi®. Hansi® plays a very vital and interesting role in the immune system- endocrine-hypothalamic complex.

It is imperative that the therapeutic approach for treating cellular inflammatory disease be changed from using aspirin, Nsaids, corticosteroids, penicellamine, hydroxchlorquine, methotrexate, cytoxan, etc., to the use of immune system modulaors. We need th balance the immune system with the hypothalamus and the endocrine system. The biologic response modifier Hansi®, does this extremely efficiently. Hansi® is a multi-herbal produced in a homeopathic six “X” dilution. It has no side-effects and no toxicity. It routes of administration are sublingual, intranasal, intravenous and intramuscular. The specific routes of administration are dictated by the disease process. These herbals are prepared in only a water solution; there are a limited number of polymorphic structures which can be formed because of the limited clathrate of the liquid. However, if one uses a weak alcohol solution, it is then possible to enhance the liquid crystal effect of the solution and, is exactly what the cellular physiologists (who developed magnetic resonance imaging) were trying to find out when their equipment was appropriated for diagnostic work. The theory of homeopathy incorporates the concept that the clathrate structure of the dilutant can organize itself into a crystal network which can imprint various polymorphic structures into the cell. This allows the cells the ability to have recall when properly stimulated (recall for structuring the cell for adequate defense), i.e., the concept of immunization.

Indeed, this concept of the morphic resonance of shaped structure brings us to the idea that morphic resonance can be explained by using Einstein’s theory of space, geometry, time and matter: one an object takes shape, it will more probable exist in the universe. Infact, Benveniste found that items beyond 20X, and even 30X, were still able to stimulate antigen release in blood cells. Indeed, it is proposed that homeopathy works by triggering the shape receptors of the white blood cells. This is how the entire immunoglobulin process appears to work, i.e. on shape receptors. However, in reality, they may be no cell surface shape receptor or antigen-antibody docking sites. Instead, the process may be accomplished via changing cellular frequency. The interesting thing is that this whole process can be enhanced by the use of the electrical energy transfer of homeopathics in the body. This follows the basic electrical theory that an electron which is traveling generates at right angles to itself an elctro-magnetic field, i.e., the right hand rule of electronics.

The liquid crystal effect is much like the observable computer screen- with the right stimulus, one can achieve different shapes on the screen. With the proper stimulus, we can achieve different resonance in the cells. We need only to learn how to use the proper stimulus (i.e., mouse) to achieve the desired results. The idea of homeostasis is that the human body tends always to do that (when provided the unfettered possibility to do anything) which moves the body toward homeostasis.

Let me give you some anecdotal, but absolute, results of patient treatment. One can rid a patient of allergic asthma in sixty days with the use of the immunomodulator Hansi® “O” and “V” and the brief use of the inhalant, Hansi® “X.” This treatment is over ninety-five percent (95%) effective and the cost for the medication is less than $275.00. One can eliminate recurrent otitis media with the use of Hansi® “O” and “V”, used for a period of 120 days; there will be no need for antibiotics, polyethylene tubes, myringotomies, subsequent stapes mobilizations, etc. One the immune system is modulated, itusually stays modulated and does not require additional medications. The cost of the medication is approximately $190.00.

One can correct meylodysplastic problems using Hansi® I.V. and I.M., Hansi® “O” and Hansi® “V” to promote the conversion of immature (stem) cells to mature REC;s, WBC’s and or platelets. It appears that Hansi® promotes the positive effect of colony stimulating factor (CFS). It is inferred that this is the reason because Hansi® causes the release of interleukin six which, in and of itself, promotes the effect of CSF. Also, te release of corticotrophic releasing hormone occurs concomitantly with the release of interleukin six. It is theorized this is the reason that Hansi® has the ability to abrogate the3 extreme fatique and the mental confusion of chronic fatique syndrome within 96 hours. It take another tow to three weeks for he additional CFS symptoms, i.e.. to clear up. The CFS patient needs to stay on Hansi® for approximately four months and then when taken off Hansi®, the immune system stays balanced.

The effect of Hansi® with respect to solid cancers- lymphomas of the beta-cell type, leukemias, and malignant melanoma are fascinating! That discussion is somewhat beyond the scope of this presentation. One would be almost unbelievingly impressed when one observes those with the cellular diagnosis of cancer of e pancreas living without pain, maintaining their body weight, and exhibiting energy. These people are living pretty much as you and I – and as much as five years after their diagnosis. It happens with regularity – when the patient avoids radical surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation and , instead , used Hansi®. Cancer of the prostate is seemingly eliminated (no biological markers and one cannot find it when biopsying the specific area of the lobe of the prostate in which it was previously found.

Why does one see such results with basically only variations of virtually the same medications? The answer lies in the fact that we are not attempting to treat symptoms, but are affecting the basic tissue inflammatory response (inflammation) caused by external stimuli. Some of us have found the rapidity and the magnitude of the therapeutic response is greater when we utilize a diet which decreases the amount of arachidonic acid formed in the body.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is much more we could share. The major regrets I personally have about my professional career is that practicing medicine up until the time I learned it was possible to cure people was both mundane and relatively unexciting. It certainly was a welcome revelation to actually treat a patient with a reasonable degree of certainty of achieving a cure. For example, to treat a patient with a fourteen year history of primary biliary cirrhosis who had been place on the liver transplant list and watch that patient’s energy level increase while the alkaline phosphatase decreased from over 900 to high 500’s within a six week period. The patient was place on hepatic liquitrophics (homeopathics) to stimulate liver cell regeneration.

Imagine what effect this treatment could have on our list on liver transplant recipients! It can be accomplished, if we all overcome our egocentric biases and teach all techniques and treatment philosophies together under true medicine. We need to help patients, rather than propagate egos. We should hold a healthcare healer just as legally responsible for failing to disclose the alternative treatment modalities to a patient as we would if that healthcare provider/healer failed to mention the use of a perceived, worthwhile conventional treatment. After all, failing to do so means, “These individuals are not being fully informed!”

I often contemplate what might be accomplished with a few of the dollars we have spent on “gene mapping.” We would be able to focus our attention (with the use of a modified magnetic resonance imaging apparatus) on how one can alter cellular resonance, then we could effectively predict the proper specific treatment for chronic degenerative problems, i.e. cancer, etc. One day, we could all see the light, visible or invisible to the human eye because it all comes down to one fact, it’s just a matter of resonance!