Using Our Site – Navigation Aide

GENERAL:  This site is self hosted on secure servers – we manage all of the content including the streaming of audio and video – and it is currently powered by a self-contained installation of WORDPRESS (the best and most flexible web-site and blog engine).  While complete ‘converstational mode’ (blogs, posts, comments and more) is available – we have limited the ‘blog’ engine to stream-line the base site.  Experienced web-site surfers and users will have no problems navigating our site – while newcomers may struggle or have some confusion – we’ve made every effort to reduce the confusion and have team members who can assist anyone who experiences difficulties with using the site.

Main Menu:  always at the upper right of any page or post  –> currently entries that you can click on include [HOME] – [Education] – [Questions & Answers] – [Testimonials] – [Products] – [Contact Us].  We have tried to keep the menu structure simple and to the point – if you get lost – then [HOME] is probably the best choice – or you can [Contact Us] and someone from the team will give you personal guidance.

SLIDERS:  these are the large and colorful (as well as helpful) banners you see atop most pages and posts – directly beneath the Main Menu.  They are always a group of thee related and important things – for example the ‘main’ slider used now puts focus on Education, Assistance and Products – what we largely about and why the site is here for you.  Note that if you keep your mouse (cursor) away from them – they ‘slide’ automatically – cycling every few seconds.  You also see a ‘shadow’ left and right button within them – you are free to manually slide them forward or backward by using those arrows.  They also contain active [GREEN] buttons within them – faster and easier access to these key areas of our site.  In the future – SLIDERS may vary by PAGE or POST – but they’ll be there for you the majority of the time.

HOME PAGE ONLY:  the home page allows us three ‘FEATURE’ pages to help guide you – they are currently very obvious beneath the SLIDERS – showing a graphic image, a brief synopsis of their current purpose – they are currently – [The Learning Center] which you are in right now – [Featured Page] where we will regularly emphasize new things about the site or products – and [Other Health News] where we share non-HANSI specific information and provide links to other sites that might be interest to you.

Additionally – the home page gets you truly started with its content below the ‘features’.  One of the things you will notice is that we have tried to make moving about our site as ‘easy’ as possible – providing consistent/big [GREEN] buttons that point you the right direction within any topical area.  Should you head off somewhere and ‘get lost’ or ‘confused then always remember to use the Main Menu – HOME.

PAGES, POSTS & LISTS:  Our site is comprised of these major elements – but it’s important to for the entry level users that they all basically present themselves in a uniform way – to avoid confusion and disparity.  There are some fundamental things that it may help you to to understand while visiting our site….

Pages tend to be very ‘static’ in nature – the major ‘organizational’ entity of a site like this.  For example – when you went to [], regardless of how or why – you were on our ‘HOME’ or WELCOME (landing page).  From that point forward – you are in our ‘domain’ ( and working only with our servers and services that provide you the information until you choose to leave (or follow a link we provide that we’ll clearly tell you that takes you out of our world.

Posts represent the dynamic and ever changing content that supports a page or pages – all of the real details including text, graphics, sound, video and more – all wrapped into small and usable presentations of information for your benefit.

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Lists for the sake of our discussion – the system generated ‘pages’ for an entire collective of posts – be it by category, sub-category or global search with keywords.  Base on the WordPress/Blog model (template) we chose – some special features kick in to also assist you with navigation – and we want you to be aware of them.

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