Understanding Hansi Products




 About the Formulations of HANSI


Hansi is a group of complex homeopathics in an orthomolecular form that are well accepted by the human body and promotes homeostasis or normalization of the human condition. It is necessary to understand that when the body in not in harmony it is said to be in dis-ease. In this modern world we have evolved the art of alchemy or chemistry as used by the ancients to try to change the body’s expression of it’s internal disorder. Just as the alchemist of old were not able to change lead into gold, they have not been able to change disease into harmony with chemicals. Chemicals only change the expression of the disease or mask the disease so we are not aware that it is moving ahead and getting stronger. Just as the runny nose is not the cold only the body’s expression of the virus invading the body. The runny nose is the body getting rid of waste products of the virus and this is necessary to help rid the body of the cold. Yet we are given antihistamines, chemicals, to stop the runny nose and this only serves to prolong the length of time that the cold is in our body.


Hansi uses six formulas that are either used alone or in conjunction with each others to elicit the physiological response that will achieve harmony or homeostasis in the body. When used in conjunction with each other the products interact to induce a stronger response in harmony and the stimulation of the immune system. This is achieved not only by the stimulation of the immune system by also by helping the immune system recognize and target the invader that is causing the dis harmony. Hansi stimulates the expression of clusters in the plasmatic wall of the cells that stimulate the production of natural killer cell. Natural Killer (NK) cells are the body’s main defense against many diseases including cancer. In a body in harmony the NK cells proliferate but when the body is in stress or exposed to harmful situations or products the NK activity can be greatly decreased. The allow the diseases to enter the body and start to reproduce and establish itself in the human system. Other factors such as aging and chronic inflammation can also cause the destructive disease process to begin.


Hansi stimulates the reproduction and energetic level of NK cells to achieve homeostasis and allow the body to rid itself of the disorder. Hansi not only stimulates the production of NK cells but has been proven to stimulate IGF-1 which is the indicator of stem cell production and HGH production. HGH is the bodies fountain of youth or re-builder of the body that is always trying to rebuild the weak or aging elements of the body and bring them back to a youthful state. Other rebuilding elements such a lymphocyte cells, which are a major part of the body’s defense, are greatly increased and serve to help the NK cells in bringing the body back into harmony.


Hansi Za and Zb, why two formulas?

Since the introduction of homeopathics in the 1700′s it has been known that the response of the body to a homeopathic is strongest at introduction and decreases at time goes on. Hansi injectable Za and Zb are the master simulators of the Hansi line. In the case of chronic degenerative disorders including cancer these two serve as the framework that all other Hansi products can be added to to achieve the desired effect. Many will ask why a Za and a Zb. All Hansi products are liquid homeopathic agents, (click here to read why liquid homeopathics are better), for a reason. A part of the process of producing a homeopathic is succussion. This is when the liquid homeopathic is impacted against a object and an energy is imparted into the liquid homeopathic. It is know that energy cannot be created or destroyed only change in form. The impacting of the liquid has been scientifically proven to change the energetic signature of the homeopathic. The energetic signature is just that, it is the recognition of the product by the body and the body’s reaction to it.

For many years homeopaths would have to have a “break” or stop the homeopathic that is being given to a patient and and allow a period of time for the body to forget the signature and then reintroduce it to have the big response again. Hansi is the first to find that a slight change in the formula will show a different signature to the body’s response system. By alternating the Za and Zb we are able to keep the maximum response going without the need to take a “break.” Some patients cannot afford to take a break but in the past that was the only way.