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COMING SOON – we will be publishing a series of referral pages pertaining to the members of the Alternative Health Associates network – information about them, their practices, links to their web-sites and more.




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Ms. Deirdre J Burrell-Hill

Harmonious Vibrations Wellness Centre – Natural Instincts, Inc.

Deirdre J Burrell is an internationally recognized Motivational Healer, Naturopath, Metaphysician, and a licensed Diplomat of Acupuncture. She has a B.S. in Biology, followed by a four-year study of Oriental Medicine and an internship in Guangzho, China; as well as a doctoral candidacy in Natural Healing. She is also founder and director of Harmonious Vibrations Wellness Centre, a Holistic Health Care center for developing a natural approach to healing, and has been featured in Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Reader, N’Digo, and Essence.