Searching by Keyword


Already one of our development team members was asked about ‘finding things‘ on the site – to which he could only reply “Well – during development and before it’s fully organized – then why not use the SEARCH function?”.  That site developer (aka – geek) also was heard saying “Learning is ….the Search For Answers …. and Ultimately Understanding …both the course and the destination”.

You see – a tool has been crafted into the footer (bottom) of every single page – for a reason – you can easily find any topic of interest for yourself by using it – it will hunt down keywords across every single page, post and article that we have presented.  This prevents you from having to hunt and read through page-after-page of information that is not pertinent to your health question(s).

At the bottom (lower left) every page:  

Take it for a test drive – click in the white space and type something like:  [  hamburgers ]    …………..(you don’t need the brackets)……  try it!

Note:  I chose a sample that clearly doesn’t exist for this first pass – just so that you know that it will also help you continue your search for the right answer!  Here’s what you get:

Yes – you’ll see that in this case you have your answer – nothing matches – we don’t see hamburgers in our world of health.  But – you get some ‘random’ words of encouragement to push you forward and there’s still hope ….

Now type in something like [  cancer  ] and click on the search button ….

YIKES – now you have choices – a list will be presented from all posts that we have on file – from every archive to our site!  In this case – the term “cancer” is obviously going to be present in a lot of places – after all – that is some of the very essence of what HANSI is about.

DO NOT PANIC – the list shows the posts and excepts from  everywhere on out site – every one of them where those keywords are used. 

We have also provided a post regarding ‘navigating’ these lists – be they by category, sub-category and so forth.  If you are new to using a site that features these capabilities then you might like to view this related document.  Clicking anywhere within this paragraph will assist you in understanding how to move around with ease.