Robert – Auto Accident – limp or shuffle

Auto accident victim

Dear Hansi;


I am so grateful for Dr. [masked] and Hansi and the treatments. When I started the course of treatment I had been told by 2 neurosurgeons and a chiropractor that my only hope of stand erect and walking without a limp or shuffle was neck surgery. I had been in a series of car accidents starting in July of 2000, one in January of 2008, another more minor one in July of 2009. The first accident was the most severe, a side impact at approximately 45 mph when a driver ran a red light. My neck vertebra had a micro fracture and severe ligament damage. The bone marrow in my neck was saturated with blood. I underwent therapy which offered some relief but ultimately really didn’t heal me. I was referred to a pain specialist whose only answer was the use of narcotics and told me to expect to live with pain for the rest of my life. I tried the drugs for a couple of weeks but stopped taking them because to get relief the dose level wasn’t allowing me to function on anywhere a normal level. I started to physically deteriorate, losing muscle mass and strength in my arms, chest and hands. I went from being very fit to a point where I was at a 50-60% of my normal capacity.


In January of 2008 I was hit head on my a drunk driver running from an accident he had just created. This impact really severely affected my original injury. I lost the use of my hands and was totally bed ridden for over 2 weeks. After 5 weeks I was able to function enough to work, luckily I have a job more mental than physical. I was able to use a computer and a mouse, otherwise I would have been jobless, homeless etc. At this point I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon whose answer was a total neck fusing and disc removal. A third accident in July 2009 where a car swerved into me on a three lane highway, impacting the right side of my vehicle further shook and irritated the old injuries. Since I was still under the treatment for the 2008 accident my therapist referred me to a neurosurgeon. He said until we did surgery to remove 3 disk and fuse 4 vertebra in my neck, I could expect to further deteriorate until I had no or limited use of my hands and would wind up in a wheel chair. By this time I had gotten to a point where I had difficulty lifting a gallon of liquid into the refrigerator and opening water or soda bottles ass difficult because my hand strength was going away.


I is a miracle to me that after 12 Hansi/accupuncture treatments by Dr. [masked] I am able to walk totally erect without a limp or shuffle. I can also open bottles without much trouble. My strength is returning to my hands and I don’t tremble and am pain free for the first time in years. I feel like I’ve turned a new page in my life and can actually look forward to getting back to normal. It is still hard for me to believe that the Hansi treatment work so quickly after all the other Doctors that I have seen and all the therapies I have had and the talk of surgery and being I pain and disabled for life and a possibly wheelchair that today I am living a pretty much normal lifestyle. Bless you and your wonderful Hansi treatments.


Robert [masked]