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Exclusive – HansiPuncture – World Wide Results!

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Introduction to the Series

An Introduction to the DVD series by Dr. David Green.

Mrs Lewis

Mrs. Lewis: Colombo, Sri Lanka: Stroke 9 months earlier: Paralyzed Right Arm and leg: Pain in right leg was getting worse: Total pain relief: Use of arm and hand :Able to teach dancing again.


Colombo, Sri Lanka: Stroke more than thirty years ago during surgery: Totally paralyzed left arm, no warmth, no pulse could be felt: Vertigo, dizzy : Temperature and some movement returned in 3 treatments Vertigo and dizzy resolved after 6 treatments: Able to use arm 80% after 14 treatments


Colombo, Sri Lanka: 2 Strokes and fell in bathtub and broke back: Partial paralysis left hand: Weak, unstable: Able to get out of bed without aid after 5 treatments: Able to walk without cane after 12 treatments

Mrs. Ahmed

Sri Lanka: Two tumors removed from right side brain 9 months previous: Total paralysis left side face to foot Left shoulder fell out of socket: Full time wheelchair: Always in pain: Depression: 3 treatments out of chair with help: 14 treatments walk alone and left hand starting to work: Facial muscles allow smile again: No pain

Depak Paul

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Full left arm paralysis: 41 years: No pain: 6 treatments Left arm starting to relax, hand started to work: Holds items in left hand now

Sister Agnes

Left hip disorder 20 plus years: Used cane full time: Not able to go up stairs: Strong pain upon walking: After one treatment did not use crutch again: After 3 treatments fully able to walk alone, no pain: After 12 treatments,full restoration of mobility

Toquor Abbas

 La Hore, Pakistan: Polio paralysis 16 years: Never walked w/o assistance: 8 treatments able to stand: 14 treatments able to walk: Continued to improve


Florida, USA: 25 years Lupus: Fibromylagia: inner chest wall infection: multiple migraines weekly: Pain: Irritability: Hair loss: Depression: Lupus in regression: asymptomatic Fibromylagia: Hair loss stopped: Cheerful:  only 1 migraine in 4 months after treatment.

Tom Horne

Florida: ALS one year: Loss of voice: Some loss of hand strength: 4 treatments: voice started to return: 2 treatments strength returned to hands: Continued to improve


Florida: ALS one year: Wheelchair or walker with assistance: no hand strength: no balance: Very weak: 2 treatments hand and leg strength returned: Balance improved: 14 treatments able to walk w/o assistance but touch wall: Continued to improve

Trailer – Thank You For Watching

 An Introduction to the DVD series by Dr. David Green.