RCT Q&A: Do you do hearing disorder treatment ?

RCT & Hearing Disorder Treatment



Our RCT team has an extensive background in many nerve disorders and hearing is one of them.

Our success has been with patients as young as 12 years old and up to 89 years old.


  • The treatment is nearly pain free and most find it relaxing.

  • The protocol consist of Acupuncture needles placed at specific spots on the body that are electrically stimulated with a certain sine wave and this is followed up with micro injection with a extremely small syringe into certain spots on the body with a super complex homeopathic that has been proven by many studies, including the Univ. of California at Irvine, to be non toxic at any level.

  • Results are often seen after the first treatment with very little regression.

  • The average patient requires seven to ten treatments.

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