Regenerative Cell Therapy Exclusive – 9 – Tom


Tom Horne


Narrator: What is Toms age.


Wife: He is 41 years old


Narrator: What does Tom do for a living?


Wife: He is a maintenance supervisor


Narrator: When did Tom first notice the symptoms of ALS?


Wife: That was in Oct of 1998.


Narrator: Today is Aug. 10 of 1999. When was Tom officially diagnosed with ALS.


Wife: That was in May of 1999.


Narrator: I examined Tom and he seems to walk well except for dragging of his right leg a small amount. His right hand is a little weaker than his than his left and Tom has some speech problems, is that correct?


Wife: Yes he does.


Narrator: Was the loss of speech the first symptom of ALS?


Wife: Yes it was the first thing we noticed.


Narrator: Was there any other involvement in any other parts of the body at that time? Or was the hand or leg also involved at that time?


Wife: He was only having muscle spasms in his arm and leg at that time.



Narrator: That was at the same time with the speech problems, is that right?


Wife: Yes it was.


Narrator: What has the progression of the ALS been since then, has it been fast.


Wife: It has been fast since march.


Narrator: We are going to keep an audio-video record to record Toms progress.

Tom, would you please tell me your name?


Tom: (unable to speak)


Wife: Don’t worry Tom. It is O.K.


Narrator: This is no problem and will work to help with that.

I will work mainly on his speech and I will also address the hand and the legs. I will be treating you for about 4 days then your wife will continue with the treatment. Let’s see how we progress. Thank You.


(New scene for Tom and Wife)


Narrator: We have been treating Tom for 4 days now and you have helped with the treatment today.


Wife: Yes, I have.


Narrator: My nurse walked by Tom while I was treating another patient and she said she could understand Tom this morning and I was thinking that this was nice then I came here and I asked Tom a couple of questions and I was surprised and amazed.

Tom, tell me you again where we treated you this morning


Tom: In my hand and in my throat


Narrator: You are amazing, you did real good and we are all very happy. That is incredible. That is as quick as I have ever seen a voice come back.

Tom is young and strong and I am sure that makes a difference. Thank You.