Regenerative Cell Therapy – Exclusive – 8 – Karen




Narrator: Karen,how old are you?


Karen: I am 48 years old.


Narrator: Karen could you give me your medical history and tell me why you came to see me?


Karen: When I was 18 years old I started losing my hair and I had sores in my mouth and I was tired all of the time and I was in constant pain. I went from doctor to doctor and they all told me I was crazy and it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with me. I walked around wearing a wig for 5 years and my hair started to grow back, but it has never been the same. I came to Florida, U.S.A. And I got very sick again and I went to this Doctor and he said I had lupus, this was in 1979 and in 1980 they said I also had fibromylagia and in 1981 they said I also had a inner chest wall infection and they had to inject my chest with cortisone all the way through to the inside and it was extremely painful.


Narrator: After you found out what your problems were tell me how the doctors treated you.


Karen: The treatments were cortisone, anti-inflammatory and more, but the symptoms were less painful than the side effects of the treatment drugs and I did not like the way they made me feel.


Narrator: How many years have you been like this? 20 years?


Karen: Actually 25 years.


Narrator: You must have accepted the fact that you would have to live with the pain and problems after that many years.


Karen: I did not like it but I accepted it.


Narrator: I assume that this did not help your marriage.


Karen: It destroyed 2 marriages.


Narrator: I did not know that but in most cases that is what happens and it is very hard on all relationships


Karen: They all left because they could not handle me being sick all the time.


Narrator: I think about 1 ½ months ago I say you for the first time and and I believe you said 8 days before coming here you were in a auto accident.

Tell me about the accident.


Karen: Yes, I was in an auto accident. I was hit in the side of my car and it was destroyed and could not be fixed.


Narrator: When I first saw you, you were wearing a neck brace.


Karen: Yes my neck had very bad pain and the accident cause the lupus to get very bad again and the fibromylagia got bad also.


Narrator: I remember the day you came in we treated you and you were in pain but about 15 minutes into the treatment I saw you starting to smile. What happen?


Karen: the pain stopped.


Narrator: Was that uncommon?


Karen: Yes


Narrator: How often did the pain stop before the treatment?


Karen: It took months and months of cortisone treatments into my chest wall to stop it for a short time.


Narrator: I remember the next morning I saw you dancing up the sidewalk with your neck brace on your arm.


Karen: Yes, I had my neck brace on my arm.


Narrator: We treated you again and at that time you said you were totally pain free and that you had woken up that morning pain free for the first time in how long?


Karen: Many years!


Narrator: We put you on the RCT home protocol and you were on the program for about a month and how did you do on it?


Karen: Wonderful, I had more energy, I was able to sleep all night without drugs and when I woke up I felt great. My husband said it was nice to see me get up in the morning smiling. I dreaded waking up every morning before the RCT program as I knew what I was going to go through that day.

It has just been wonderful, no pain and able to do things I haven’t done in many years.


Narrator: Did you go back to see your family Doctor recently?


Karen: Yes, I did. He did laboratory blood work and the lupus is in remission totally and the fibromylagia is nearly gone and I have had just one migraine headache which is very un common.


Narrator: How many migraines were you having before we treated you for them.



Karen: I was having 2 to 4 a week.


Narrator: We treated you for migraines 2 times and it has been 6 to 8 weeks since we treated you or maybe it has been 2 to 3 months. It has been about 2 months and you have had only one migraine headache, that is not too bad is it?


Karen: No, it is Wonderful.