HANSI® is an homeopathic orthomolecular energetic preparation that regulates cellular energy via the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy producers of each cell in the body and supply us with the voltage we need to live. When the cellular energy output of a cell is below the required voltage the body falls into disorder. 

Just as in your automobile, if the battery is not charging while you drive, the battery starts to put out lower voltage and the various systems start to malfunction. The body is the same with respect to lower voltages leads to system malfunction.


If a cell has a disorder or damage of any type the body cuts off the energy to the mitochondria of that cell and the cell starts to fail and will die. This is the method the human system uses to remove bad or harmful cells from the body so they do not replicate and make more bad cells such as a cancerous tumor. This system, apoptosis or cellular suicide, is one of the bodies first line of defense against cellular corruption or disease.

Cancer cells shut down the mitochondria, which is the part of the cell that is involved in metabolism and, incidentally, initiates the cell suicide. If the cancerous cells were not to do this they would die as planned so this is life insurance for the defective cells. Cancer cells resists the suicide process and a mass is formed due to damaged cells dividing but not dying.

HANSI® has been clinically proven to increase the mitochondrial energy output and give the cells enough energy to force the damaged cell into suicide.