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SPECIAL NOTE (4/2014):  the AHA team is currently working with the owners & web-masters of a large number of very informative and useful web sites.  In many cases, we have found outdated [and/or misleading] information regarding HANSI® are working with them to have their sites updated.  We also request their permission to have a direct link from our site to their site – we value the integrity and relationships with those who make valuable contributions to the health of others via the sharing of quality information.  The AHA does not deploy any integrated affiliate marketing or other gimmicks and will also not post links to various sites that we have deemed to be potential sources of unwanted advertising and misleading in any way.

ALSO:  in the case of direct links to sites that are outside of our trusted domain (hansioriginal.com) then we will provide to linkage buttons as opposed to our single ‘green’ button approach.  One will be labelled [GO TO SITE] – which will take you to their domain and you will leave our site entirely.  The other will be labelled [OPEN IN TAB] and will attempt to use your browswer’s TAB function (or separate session) such that you can visit their site and yet stay on track with where you were on our site.  When you open a post or article that is solely contained on our site there generally will be a [Back to News] icon at the bottom so that you can return to the page from which you came.



S.T.R. – identify and help the victim of a stroke ReadMoreIcon

If you can spell it – you can identify it – and you can help them survive!



Cancer Cure Foundation logo - G. Edward Griffin's website on alternative cancer therapy and non-toxic treatments. Our goal is to be the one source to go to for information on preventing cancer and treating it naturally. Alternative therapies, clinics, and doctors will be discussed.


This is a very informative site that we were referred to.  We are in the process of working with them to correct the outdated information regarding HANSI that we found on their pages.  When requesting if we could directly link to them we were informed that the changes we requested are in process and that they will be doing major site upgrades of their own in the very near future.  To that end – we are providing our links to them immediately and will continue to work collaboratively with them.    GoToSite      OpenInTab



A site full of information by by DIANNE JACOBS THOMPSON – about NATURAL HEALING and featuring Alternative Cancer Treatments.  She says: “This site provides starting points. The rest of the journey must be yours.”.  Her personal story is an inspirational one about natural healing and her efforts to share valuable information is to be commended.  Please visit her site:                 GoToSite          OpenInTab



This is a link to a very good article regarding the PROSTRATE CANCER CONTROVERSY – published in December of 2013.  One of our medical staff wanted us to share it with our readers.  While initially submitted as PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) ready file – we opted to located the source article and provide a [public] ‘guest’ reference to it so that there are no copyright or plagiarism issues.  Please read this if you are concerned about Prostrate health matters.  GoToSite         OpenInTab