HANSI Oral Sublingual

HANSI Oral Sublingual

Price: $100.00/60ml



Hansi O is used to boost and prolong the effects of Hansi Za or Zb.

Hansi O is almost always used with Hansi V.

Hansi O increases the response of Za or Zb and reduces the time they take to start to stimulate the system.

Hansi O is most often used during the entire day and keeps the stimulation going without a lapse.

Hansi O should not be taken within 30 minutes of any other Hansi or homeopathic product.

This product is very necessary for maintaining the effect of Hansi in the body and must be taken every day of the Hansi program.

Hansi O formulation:

92% sterile distilled water, 8% alcohol – Lycopodium clavatum 4x –  Thuja oxidentalis 6x – Aloe socotrina 6x