Navigating Category Lists

The majority of our site is comprised of ‘posts’ that are categorized for ease of use.  An example of an important category (and sub-categories) would be:  Category of “Testimonials” which also has “Audio” and “Video” sub-categories.

So when you go a ‘page’ that has a button  like [TESTIMONIALS] on it, and it says that it will return the entire list of postings (reverse chronological order), then are free to move about based upon automatically supplied ‘navigation’ tools. Similarly, we often have buttons which return filtered sub-category lists such as [VIDEO ONLY] within the testimonials category – you’ll then see only the results that match the request for information.


This may sound complicated – but it truly is not!  Here will give you a brief tour of what to expect and how to use these highly functional tools…

When a category (archives) list is returned – the upper left of your screen will keep you informed of exactly where you are at within our site- for example  [HOME]*[EDUCATION]*[TESTIMONIALS] is the ‘path’  you took.  Note that some levels like [Home] and [Education] are, in and of themselves, now links to assist you to move backwards up the ‘tree’ (or path) – clicking on these [green] paths will redirect you to that location within our site.

Beneath this header is the [archive] or list of the entries it contains – each is shown with it’s posting NAME in green [example: Sample Video Post].  Also shown is the ‘synopsis or first few lines of the actual post so that you better select the one that meets your learning curve – if this posting appears to be of interest to you then you can simply click on the green title [Sample Video Post] to see that entry in full.  You might also note that you continuously ‘guided’ as to where you are within our site – in this case [Testimonials]*[Video Post] and both of these buttons are ‘quick links’ so that you can move up or down the structure list with ease.

Note:  some category lists are lengthy – for ease of documenting this feature we are only showing the one (above).

Do understand that there could be any number of similar blocks – one for each related post -they all behave the same way as stated above.

Once you are inside a given post then additional functions and features are always there as aides to keeping you on track with  your learning journey.  What you will typically see then is a new part of the page footer (bottom of the post) that automatically activates for you – it is titled in the center as “post navigation”.  The system will attempt to point you the previous and also the next logical post for you to view – to the lower left will be a green-on-white button with a left facing arrow [<-RCT HansiPuncture 9 – Tom Horne] – on the lower right will be a similar button with a right-facing arrow [Navigating Category Lists->].  Using the one of the left would take you to the previous related post – and the one on the right will take you to the next related post.

NOTE:  some times there will only be a [<-left] or only a [->right] navigational aide – this simply means that you have hit the very top or bottom of the structured list.



In addition to the navigation aides documented here – don’t forget the “SEARCH” feature that we include in lower left of every page and post.

It returns very similar lists only not specific to one Category or Sub-Category.

For example:  if you ‘search’ for [shoulder pain] then you might expect to see entries from many categories or sub-categories.

…in this case – they would include Testimonials, Videos, RCT Treatments and more.