HANSI Nasal Spray

HANSI Nasal Spray

Price: $90.00/60ml




Hansi NS (or simply ‘N’) is a nasal spray and could be an option to replace the Z products if they are contraindicated.


Hansi NS enters the blood stream very quickly without the interference of cellular tissue as the lungs and sinus cavities are lined with blood vessels and osmotic regulation allows the fast absorbion into the blood stream.


It is used a direct stimulant to the upper respiratory system and is used in all cases of upper respiratory disorders.

Many skin disorders also have a positive response when Hansi NS is used.

Hansi NS formulation:

92% sterile distilled water, 8% alcohol – Aloe socotrina 6x – Lycopodium clavatum 12x – Calcarea carbonica 6x