Lois – Leukemia – CEA

To Whom it may Concern;


I was taking oral medication prescribed by [masked], M.D. for leukemia. My CEA was 17.

I heard about Hansi and was able to get some and took it regularly for three months, during which I felt much better and CEA dropped to 4.1. Then I was unable to get Hansi treatments for a while and over several months my CEA climbed up to 28 and I felt worse.

I was able to begin Hansi treatments again three months ago, and my CEA dropped back to 4 again by the middle of last month and I am feeling better again.

Also some cancer spots on my pelvic bone and right are have disappeared since I got back on the Hansi program. All of the effect of Hansi on me have been positive with no negative effects whatever. Obviously I do not yet consider myself cured but the effects of Hansi have been so much better than the medicine I was taking that I want to continue with Hansi until all my test are clear.

I am available to speak to anyone that wants to talk to me or see my records concerning Hansi.


Yours Very Truly,


Lois N.