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Our goal is to assist, educate and then provide only HANSI® Original Formulations and Treatment Knowledge for those in need.


Our Mission Statement

HANSI’s purpose for over 30 years has always been to promote homeostasis and balance within the body.  Hansi normalizes where there is disharmony. Hansi causes balance where there is dis-ease. When there is balance and normalization in the body there is no disorder.

HANSI is a leading candidate to become our global first-line-of-defense against diseases for 6 essential reasons:

● It works in a larger proportion of cases than any other system of health that we know of.
● It is relatively inexpensive
● It helps the body heal itself rather than just relieving symptoms.
● It does not produce the harmful side affects that are so common and unpredictable as with chemical medicines.
● It works in combination with conventional medicine.
● It is a leader in the new efforts for the field of Preventative Medicine

HANSI has been proven to be without toxicity or side effects in multiple in vitro, animal and human studies. It can be used with any conventional medicines; in fact, it may limit the adverse effects of many drugs. It can be safely used in pregnant women, children and the elderly.*

Rafael Ruiz Izaguirre M.D.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. HANSI is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Using our Site – the Basics

We hope that you find our site informative and easy to use.  If you experience difficulties in finding or viewing the materials in any of our pages and postings then please CONTACT US.  Any of our team members will gladly make themselves available to provide you a personalized experience in using our site.  In the future we will provide some basic links in this section of the site to help guide you on journey into the world of HANSI® Original and the Alternative Health Associates team.

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WHAT IS HANSI® – Getting Started

In short:

HANSI® is a group of complex homeopathics in an orthomolecular form that are well accepted by the human body and promotes homeostasis or normalization of the human condition.

Now – to be honest – that probably doesn’t appear to say much – but you would be surprised to learn that it actually a very informative statement – one that all should read and understand.

The word ‘complex’ does help make the point that learning about these homeopathics, orthomolecular solutions, homeostasis and/or normalization of human conditions is what the majority of this site is here for:

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Also:  one of our founding Doctors submitted this write-up regarding HANSI® ….






RCTmainRegenerative Cellular Therapy (RCT) represents the next step in the treatment of many acute disorders as well as chronic degenerative diseases (CDD).  RCT incorporates the best of eastern and western medicine and has proven itself to be an effective treatment in many CDDs. The RCT treatment protocol is designed to supercharge the mitochondria of all the cells of the body. The treatments are designed to suppress the virus and pathogens by stimulating the body’s natural immune system, and/or by introducing a surrogate immune system thru the activation of an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. These alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathways are formed as a second line of defense not only against pathogens but to correct the information being given to the cells. RCT – it is safe, effective and has no unwanted side effects – none!