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Update:   “But He Survived” – A video of Dr. David Green and incredible results from RCT Treatment….

This video is streamed on YouTube but can also be played directly on our site here ->PLAY HERE <-



News:  another HANSI/RCT patient and testimonial.  The stories will be flowing in daily and you’ll want to see them all.  Donna’s story is here:

Karen – Video Testimonial – treatment for severe foot pain….click anywhere on this line….




AHA is proud to announce that we are working hard on copyrighted RCT Treatment Documentation and Training Materials for Doctors and Clinics – how to succeed with advanced HANSI® protocols.

The first in the series is under test with [charter] members of the AHA it focuses on success with treating shoulder pain and injuries – techniques used in treating patients such as Donna [testimonial – click here].  

The second set is also in process – it will cover various neck pain and injuries that can be treated.  Like the original lesson on shoulder related pain and injury there will be must-see video(s) and downloadable documentation.

Charter members of the AHA can also contribute to the ‘what is next’ in the series – discuss your next potential HANSI® protocol with us and we’ll prioritize it on behalf of yourself and the patient.  The rewards are infinite by joining the AHA today!

We will also be releasing new testimonials about Doctors and Clinics who become members and deploy the RCT protocols – helping them share both their success and that of the patient(s).  Both on their web-sites and our own the USA and beyond will recognize the truth. 

You can always use our [CONTACT US] page to get answers today!

Note that these materials have copyright infringement enforced and we must work one-on-one with you to assure continued benefit to you, the patient(s) and the great HIRSCHMANN Family that made all of this possible.  There is no equal to HANSI® – accept no substitutes – learn the techniques and protocols from the time-proven experts – and better yet – become alternative healthone of the family – join AHA today.


Audio and Video Testimonials and Contributions

We now have full streaming audio and video – so our team will accept contributions in those vital Internet formats.  Our technicians will gladly work with you if you’d like to contribute a audio (sound only) or video story or testimonial.  There is no charge and all contributions will be handled in a completely confidential and secure way.  The team can also assist you if you have trouble seeing or hearing any of our postings of this nature – they also try to transcribe audio/video segments into text postings so that each person, word, condition, treatment and so forth is available via our built-in search feature.  Enjoy and learn more about all things HANSI related!



NOTE:  You can also see our first user contributed testimonial here (CLICK ANYWHERE in this paragraph) – it will open in a separate browser tab or window – so that you can easily return here to continue your quest for knowledge about HANSI.


Dr. David Green’s RCT Treatment and HANSI Puncture Series

A muilti-part and original DVD recording made from locations throughout the world – before and after stories (testimonials) from patients who have experienced his exclusive HansiPuncture treatments.  His techniques documented techniques are already in print and we will soon have additional materials that will be available nowhere except from the group at HANSI ORIGINAL and ALTERNATIVE HEALTH ASSOCIATES!

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UPDATED 7/2014 – See top of page – New VIDEO Programs AVAILABLE NOW!