Elisabeth – Psoriasis




Dear Sirs;


I am 67 years old and have a very troubling case of Psoriasis with crust lesions on both elbows and knees, sometime bleeding, for 42 years, slowly getting worse.


Last year I overheard a conversation about a case at a local alternative care clinic. This patient also had psoriasis all over his body, such that he was unable to sit down. Under the Hansi treatment his psoriasis disappeared along with his tumor.


I asked for some Hansi treatments for my condition and was treated for about 4 months in 2002. I was not taking any other medication when I took the Hansi treatments.


The results of the Hansi exceeded my dreams. All my psoriasis disappeared with two months, a chronic pain in my left hip disappeared, my gray hair started growing out at the roots in its original dark brown color and my facial features improved so greatly that my hairdresser asked me if I had had a face lift.


I am very grateful for the Hansi because I can now go dancing as I always enjoyed doing and I look 15 years younger and I feel better.


What happen to me is common knowledge among my friends and associates and I am willing to discuss my case.



Elisabeth C