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Past meets Present

HANSI® is an ORTHOMOLECULAR (natural to the body)preparation as explained by Dr. Linus Pauling.

In 1974, when the war on Cancer was declared by President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Linus Pauling, the only 2 time Nobel Prize winner, (1954 & 1962) made the following MOST insightful statement:

Everything in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, which is not orthomolecular (natural to the human body), will fail

The mechanisms of our bodily systems are unwilling in the medium term to react cooperatively to toximolecular (not natural to the human body) substances. Orthodox medicine will attempt to compensate for its disregard of this maxim-which is born out of narrow-mindedness and ignorance of the laws of nature by spending vast sums of money, by commissioning research on a gigantic scale, and by propaganda. The attempt will fail, but it will cause a tremendous explosion in health costs, which will lead to a serious social upheaval and economic and political crisis.

Even industries which merge into vast conglomerates in order to be able to finance toximolecular, non-biological medicines will fail. No amount of money in the world will ever make it possible to imitate the development of effective substances over hundreds of millions of years of biofunctional adaptation

The Present – HANSI®



Although the beginnings of HANSI® preceded Dr. Pauling statement by many years, there is a basic truth in his statement that cannot be violated. Thirty-five years later history has proven his statement to be true. HANSI® is an orthomolecular preparation in a complex homeopathic biofunctional form that adapts to the body without resistance from human physiology as evidenced by the absence of harmful side effects and the rapid emergence of health.

Toxicmolecular Medications

The understanding is clear that the body does not react to toximolecular medications such as chemotherapy, radiation and man made chemicals positively but reacts in harmony with non-toxic orthomolecular medicine.

The evidence shows that toximolecular medicine as used today by modern medicine is not well accepted or reacted to positively by the human body. Nearly all the patients who receive the Big 3 (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery) have debilitating and sometimes fatal side effects. According to U.S. Government statics approximately 85% of these cancer patients have a re-occurrence within 5 years. The definition of “cure” by the AMA is to live 5 years after treatment.

How many times have we heard “the cancer has returned with a vengeance” after radiation, cancer surgery ( google “cancer surgery immune system”) and or “chemotherapy immune system”, “http://www.news.com.au/news/chemo-can-backfire-boost-cancer/story-fnejlrpu-1226443526397”and the final outcome is not what we wanted? The fact is the cancer returned to a immune system that is more compromised or weaker now than the one that originally allowed the cancer to begin and can now grow with very little natural resistance.

This is the clearest evidence that the body is not reacting well in the long term to this type of medication. Today most of the approximately 8000 medications on the market have side effect that are often more debilitating than the patient is willing or able to endure.

A strong immune system is the first line of defence against not only cancer but other chronic debilitating diseases. In fact after 38 years of toxic treatments it has become clear that the body’s immune system is the “only” method to return the body to its normal state and rid itself of cancer or other chronic degenerative diseases.

Restoration, preservation and maintaining the immune system is the answer to fighting these diseases and keeping good health. HANSI®has a clinical and investigational history ( see Library, online all)  of improving the immune system as witnessed by the studies and information provided.

All the information shows that HANSI® is non-toxic to the human body. Please take the time to read all the information as knowledge and understanding are the foundation for beginning a journey to restored health.

We must understand that there is more than the Big 3. None of these have proven to be very successful at eliminating cancer. The overall cancer “Cure” rate for most cancer is no better than when the war on cancer began over 38 years ago. We are told that patients are living longer today with cancer than in 1974. To some degree this is true but what must be understood it that we are able to diagnose earlier and this in most cases is the extra time patients are living. What is different is the amount of money spent on treatment and research. More people make a living from cancer every year than die from cancer every year. The other great increase is in human suffering from the sometime horrible side effects of the Big 3. Many studies show that many patients actually have a shorter life span using the Big 3 than that of a similar patient that received no treatment. The Big 3 should be considered an ALTERNATIVE THERAPY. An alternative treatment should be one that has a small chance of helping for some short time and will cause suffering from the beginning. Certainly a treatment that does no harm and has a good probability of success should be a PRIMARY TREATMENT.

Most people who take HANSI® and go through the entire process and have the disorder eliminated do not have a re occurrence and suffer no harmful side effects. More and more patients have had a friend or family member who was treated by the Big 3, and from the experience of their love one or friend, when they themselves contract one of these chronic diseases do not want to go through what they saw those who preceded them go through.

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