Donna – Emergency Room Nurse – Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Donna [Emergency Room Nurse]  [[Updated April 2014]]

See below – original written testimonial was published.  Now we offer streaming audio/video/multi-media, as well – so Donna was kind enough to send us a video version that was filmed during a follow-up visit with Dr. David Green.  Use the play [>] to see this testimonial – keeping your mouse somewhere in the video window does allow you to control it, as well (play/pause/volume/full-screen, etc).

On 06/17/2013 09:54 AM, Donna wrote:

Dr. [masked]

   I just want to “Thank You” for helping me get rid of the pain in my shoulder with your Hansi Treatments.

   I started having slight pain in my left shoulder last Nov. (2012), and when I first noticed it, I just thought it was because I was sleeping on my shoulder to much. So I changed positions. Unfortunately, the pain just kept getting worse. In March, I finally went to have an MRI, and to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. He Diagnosed me with a “Frozen Shoulder with Impingement, and recommended “Physical Therapy, twice a week, for  8 weeks. As well as Massage Therapy and Manipulation x6 weeks. By the 5th week, I was in tears from the pain, and had less Range of Motion than when when I first started! I was actually sent home from work because I couldn’t even function. At that time, I started coming to see you. Thank Goodness! You introduced me to your Hansi treatments, and by the end of the first session, I was pain free! I couldn’t believe it. When I got home that afternoon, my Husband even said he could tell I was feeling better because my whole attitude had changed! I followed your recommendations for the number of treatments required for my condition, and I have now been pain free for 1 month!

   Thank you again  for sharing your technique with me, and having it available to those who need it. I will highly recommend you to anyone I come into contact with who could benefit from your Treatments.

   Sincerely ~

                  Donna [masked]