Daniel Hirschmann’s Words

Dear Reader;


From my childhood come vivid memories of people coming to our home and requesting the help of my father. Those memories became my inspiration to study medicine, practice Oncology and to continue with Hansi’s success.

I remember how very weak people, nearly unable to get out of a car and enter our home, would undergo a transformation with my father’s help. After a few weeks of taking the treatments that my father offered I would see the same person returning home much better and  happier than when they arrived.  They seemed to be more encouraged about coming each time and even more happy to go home without requiring help to or into the car.  With each visit there was great improvement. Seeing these transformations was one of the things that stimulated my imagination and led me to study medicine.


As I progressed in my medical studies and career I found that my daddy had said so many things that would ring true and come back to me. Unfortunately I also discovered that the world of medicine was not as pure as what I had dreamed.  In the early going I found that a lot of professional egos and special interests made things difficult and confusing at times.

There were physicians who were critical about things that they had no true understanding of and there were some who saw their patients as “taking these potions” and yet would not accept the patient’s [unexpected] improvement.  I saw that they did not seem interested in why this happened and would not even try to understand what I had witnessed and known for most of my own life. I faced unfounded criticism and often had to simply ‘take it’ – other times defending myself with my knowledge that it works and that their denial could rob from me.


Further along in the practice of oncology I found myself returning to the use of Hansi and following my daddy’s words.  I realized that it not only kept the patient with a much better quality of life during the treatments but the final results were much better than those seen with chemotherapy and conventional treatment only.  The day to day patients that were taking Hansi responded noticeably better and that led the study of better palliative care for them and others.

This approach in practice became my specialty  and I discovered the importance of teamwork, unlike the egos and uninterested professionals from the years prior.  The enormous importance of psychic factors in the health-disease process can not and should not be overlooked. The mind is directly related to the appearance of the disease.


Hansi is a fantastic weapon in the fight against disease as a battle – the response in battle depends on the knowledge of these weapons – choose to use them and win or face the other outcome.


This is why today I balance my medical practice between the public (hospital) sector and the private (office) – using both Hansi and orthodox treatments – with the only aim being the welfare of my patients – winning the battle. Like the people from those childhood dreams that I spoke of – I see people that live better lives because of the Hansi and that is so rewarding. It comes from the experiences of over 40 years – there are many doctors who believe in and use our therapy in Argentina and many other areas of the world.

I have no problem calling it “alternative medicine” with regards to allowing its return to the USA for similar everyday practices. It is used in conjunction with other therapies and I see it minimizing the adverse effects of oncological treatments and helping to deliver a better life to so many.

Our goal of sharing that with America will face some obstacles, just as I did in my early going, but we will meet success.



Daniel Hirschmann, MD