Questions and Answers – Discussions About HANSI and HEALTH


HANSI® is an homeopathic orthomolecular energetic preparation that regulates cellular energy via the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy producers of each cell in the body and supply us with the voltage we need to live. When the cellular energy output of a cell is below the required voltage the body […]

How fast does Hansi work? This is a hard question to answer as every disorder is different.   Many disorders that do not affect the body very much or have recently occurred and can be be resolved very quickly. Others that are severe and long term or chronic can take […]

Q&A – Side Effects of HANSI

What are the side effects of Hansi? Since Hansi is produced homeopathically there are no bad side effects. The good side effect that happens almost every time is that some other disorder including the one being treated is improved.   This is because Hansi is a homeostatic agent and effects […]

Q&A – How Long?

How long has Hansi been in use? Hansi was first used by my father and formulator Juan Hirschmann about 40 years ago. He spent many years perfecting, and is still doing so, before he introduced it to the public in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hansi is a form of complex homeopathy […]

Q&A – What is HANSI

What is Hansi? Hansi is a all natural orthomolecular (natural substances) energetic preparation achieved through the Homeopathic ( a system of dilution ,titration and succussion) process that act to restore homeostasis to the human body. Hansi falls into the category of Enercceutical or energetic medicine. Hansi is not intended to […]


ORTHOMOLECULAR Vs. TOXIMOLECULAR     HANSI is an orthomolecular preparation made in a homeopathic manner – but what does orthomolecular mean and what does toximolecular mean?   Orthomolecular means with the right molecules. Orthomolecular nutrition and orthomolecular medicine are synonymous terms, since foods and essential nutrients are the main “medicines” […]