About Papers & Studies


This is a very difficult area to present in a uniform way on a site like ours. Here they are as web-pages – click on the green button….


We have virtually all of the original documents that we are working from – most were purely paper (pre the uniform era of Internet and Web publishing methods).

Some things that we have to present are best handled by uniform media –  while others just do not lend themselves to that.

Therefore – we might be best displaying them as a ‘picture’ (ie – a scan or screen capture image). Over the years there were different word processors and programs deployed to preserve these documents but there is no perfect tool, today, to convert nor show them to you as they would have been seen by your own eyes.

There are advantages and disadvantages to these methodologies.

For example:  simply scanning all the papers and manuscripts as page images would be fast and easy – however ‘images’ do not allow the content to be used for ‘search’ or ‘find’ by keyword tools.  Also:  manually converting them to usable ‘post’ format leaves the door open to lots of human error and potential mistakes that could rob from the mission of presenting the ‘truth’ about HANSI.

The actual volume of real Studies and Papers relating to HANSI will be fairly static.

This is unlike the Q&A (question and answer) and Testimonial sections of the site that are destined to change on an almost daily basis.  The true content of these elements (papers/studies) is the opposite – there are tons of must-read and need-to-know facts contained within them – none of which should be left out in your quest for the truth about HANSI – but it is a truly difficult job to get them ready for you.



We will maintain this posting to guide you through PAPERS & STUDIES


More…coming SOON….the team is working on this right now..

We are building a list of them – in both formats – so you can do more with them.