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Julian – ALS/CTEM

ALS/CTEM     Dear Hansi;   To preface this letter, I must make a couple of statements. 1) I am testifying that   miracles still happen. I truly believe that what happened for me was a miracle.   And 2) prayer works. Prayer and lots of it from all sides […]


Donna – Emergency Room Nurse – Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain Donna [Emergency Room Nurse]  [[Updated April 2014]] See below – original written testimonial was published.  Now we offer streaming audio/video/multi-media, as well – so Donna was kind enough to send us a video version that was filmed during a follow-up visit with Dr. David Green.  Use the play […]

Dr Linus Pauling Quote

Past meets Present HANSI® is an ORTHOMOLECULAR (natural to the body)preparation as explained by Dr. Linus Pauling. In 1974, when the war on Cancer was declared by President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Linus Pauling, the only 2 time Nobel Prize winner, (1954 & 1962) made the following MOST insightful statement: Everything […]

Understanding HANSI

HANSI® is a group of complex homeopathics in an orthomolecular form that are well accepted by the human body and promotes homeostasis or normalization of the human condition. It is necessary to understand that when the body in not in harmony then it is said to be in dis-ease. In […]