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This Study was performed in Oct. of 1999. This is the original study HANSI® : A NEW HOMEOPATHIC IMMUNE ENHANCER NASAL SPRAY FOR RECURRENT ALLERGIC DISEASE OF THE UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT: A PRELIMINARY COMMUNIQUE RAFAEL RUIZ IZAGUIRRE, M.D., FAAP Principal Investigator Pediatrician, Neonatalist, President, Clinicas Medicas Ruiz MD San Salvador, […]

White Paper Penn State University – 1997

D.L. Hull M.D. Penn State University White Paper Speech This speech was given Oct. 20, 1997. White Paper Penn State University Presenter: D.L. Hull, M.D. Monday, 20, October 1997 Can Patients Refractoriness Promote Cooperation Between traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine for Better Patient Health? Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, When […]

In VIVO Studies – Tumors – 1992

This study was preformed in 1992 Excerpts from “In Vivo Studies” This is the original study result “IN VIVO STUDIES ON EXPERIMENTAL TUMORS” – 1992 Starting from this preliminary study accomplished on rats carrying induced mammary tumors, we emphasize the most important therapeutic effects observed from treatment with HANSI®in various […]

Cancer Research – Godwin Institue – Letter – 1995

Excerpts from Goodwin Institute letter This letter was dated June of 1995. This is the original letter GOODWIN INSTITUTE for CANCER RESEARCH, INC. 1850 Northwest 69th Avenue Plantation, Florida 33313 Phone: 305/ 587-9020 Fax: 3057 587-6378 June 29, 1995 HANSI® International / Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research Joint Proposal: HANSI® […]

Pancreatic Cancer – Quaity of Life – 1992

This study was performed in 1992. This is the original study ASPECTS OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED PANCREATIC CANCER World Health Advanced Technologies Ltd., 1992 By Ernesto Crescenti, M.D. Selective aspects of the quality of life of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer were studied with 87 […]

Toxicological Investigations – B.A., Argentine – 1999

This study was performed in August of 1999. This is the original study  Center of Toxicological Investigations From: Dr. Carlos Botelli San Pedrito 220 B.A. Argentina HANSI® TREATMENT I. INTRODUCTION: Throughout the entire study “in vivo” of experimental carcinomas treated with HANSI®, a protocol of toxicological control was implemented on […]

MECHANISMS OF ACTION – Buenos Aires – 1991

This study was performed in July of 1991. This is the original study ANALYSIS OF THE MECHANISMS OF ACTION OF HANSI® THERAPEUTICS By Ernesto Crescenti, M.D., et al. Completed July, 1991– Translated from Spanish 1992 PREFACE Several years ago, the author, Cesar Bertacchini, M.D., and others decided to join together […]

INMUNOMODULATORY EFFECTS – Natural Medicine V5 – 1998

Natural Medicine  Vol: 5 N°: 6 July/Ago 1998 MANUSCRIPT INMUNOMODULATORY EFFECTS OF A HOMEOPATHIC AGENT Darryl M. See, MD. Jeremiah G. Tiles, MD. Juan Hirschmann, MD. Cesar Bertacchini, MD. ABSTRACT The in vitro and in vivo immunostimulatory effects of a homeopathic medication (HANSI®-added) were investigated. Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) […]

Argentina’s Medical Miracle – Townsend Letter – 1995

“HANSI®, Argentina’s Medical Miracle” Published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients (October, 1995) HANSI® is the name Argentinian botanist Juan Hirschmann gave to his family of homeopathic treatments for a wide range of diseases, including cancer, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, asthma, and hepatitis. Early experiments in the […]

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  This is a very difficult area to present in a uniform way on a site like ours. Here they are as web-pages – click on the green button…. We have virtually all of the original documents that we are working from – most were purely paper (pre the uniform […]