HANSI – Enerceuticals

At the beginning of the last century pharmaceuticals emerged on the health restoration scene. Pharma referring to chemicals and ceuticals meaning products that work on or in the body.

Pharmaceuticals are chemicals that are not natural to the human body. Chemicals are used to change one state of matter into another. Science tells us that energy or matter can not be created or destroyed only change in form. The alchemist or chemist of the dark ages attempted to change lead into gold by the use of chemicals. They knew that matter could be changed in form by chemicals and this lead to pharmaceuticals. We have learned in the last 100 years that they are not effective at ridding the body of disease only changing its form. The problem is not solved only changed or covered up. These are also termed as toximolecular substances or not natural or toxic to the human body as evidenced by the toxic side effects.

Then along came nutriceuticals or nutrient based supplements that do have a positive effect on the human body. Nurti meaning substances that are nutritious to the body and ceuticals meaning substances that work in or on the body. These are said to be orthomolecular products or ingredients that are naturally occurring in the human body and are required for good health. They have led to a revolution in better health and the body reacts positively to them which is required for good health. Still nutriceuticals work on the superficial level and are often not able to address the deep root cause of the condition, although they are very effective at preventing disorders.

Now we have, and always have had, enerceuticals. 

Ener meaning energy and ceuticals meaning substances that work on or in the body. Enerceuticals are energy based preparation based on othomolecular ingredients that work on the foundation or lowest level of the human condition.  We are told by experts in the field that energy medicine predates allopathic medicine, although it has not been able to break into the mainstream of America, even though it has in other countries of the world. This all started with Albert Einstein in 1905 (the theory of relativity e=mc2), and has been proven, validated and predicted by many of the greatest minds of all time.

 We are actually an energetic being which has human experiences. Dis-ease of disharmony of energy is when the body is open to invaders. When the energy is correct, we are correct. The body is made of cells which are made of molecules and eventually we get down to what the smallest parts that we are made of, Energy.

All matter is Energy

– Albert Einstein (editors note: the human body is just matter)

Future Medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body

– Professor William Tiller- Stanford

The energy field starts it all

– Professor Harold Burr, PhD, Yale University

Body Chemistry is governed by Quantum cellular fields

– Prof. Murray Gell Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford

Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented by energy field assessments

– George Chile, Sr. M.D. Founder of the famous Cleveland Clinic

Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter

– Albert Szent-Gyorgi, M.D. Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary

Energy Medicine is the “last frontier in medicine”

. Dr. Oz 2007

The shift to energy medicine has been occurring and building like a tidal wave for about three decades now. We believe it is about ready to crest. The significance of this is not small – it is treating issues at their source vs. working on symptoms.

HANSI products are orthomolecular enerceutical preparations manufactured in a homeopathic manner. 

HANSI works at the root cause of dis harmony in the energetic field of the human body and promote normalization, harmony in the field and rebuilding of the damaged area through homeostasis.