Nancy – Richard – Cancer – Nausea and Pain


Dear Hansi;

What a difference we are seeing in my husband since Dr. [masked] very first treatment of Hansi. Within a few hours his nausea had disappeared and he actually ate a small meal, which was an improvement from eating nothing. Since then he is eating more and more. He states he has no nausea what so ever.


His energy certainly has increased and he is out of his sick bed and doing dishes, changing light bulbs and taking the trash out. This was something he has not been able to do for months. He is watching t.v. On his elbows and reading one of his favorite newspaper..hasn’t read in months. Of course he is weak and does these things at a slow pace, but his doing them.


His emotions seem to be better and he no longer cries and seems to be more at ease. He actually joined our company in the living room this afternoon and watched a DVD with them. He is conversing better and his thought pattern seems greatly improved.


We have had my sister and brother in law here doing repairs since Monday and they can not believe the difference. They are impressed and can’t wait to see how he does after his next treatment.


Can’t thank you Dr. [masked] enough for the Hansi and now feel we might have a chance to save Richard and feel he will have a pain free life to look forward to. This is just such a unbelievable success in such a short time.


Nancy [masked]