Julian – ALS/CTEM




Dear Hansi;


To preface this letter, I must make a couple of statements. 1) I am testifying that


miracles still happen. I truly believe that what happened for me was a miracle.


And 2) prayer works. Prayer and lots of it from all sides works miracles.


I met Dr. [masked] in the total confusion of what is the Sao Paulo, Brazil


airport. It was April 12, 2012. I was seated in the waiting area for a flight to


Miami. Along came Dr. [masked] ,who looked exhausted, plopped down beside me.


Only moments before, the seat that this man now occupied, had been occupied


by another weary traveler. Thank God that person had a weak bladder. Here we


were, two bedraggled travelers waiting for an Airbus 330. He looked to be


American. He turned and asked if this was the gate for the Miami flight. I assured


him that I had checked twice and this was, in fact, the proper gate. He looked


quite relieved to be in the right place. I introduced myself and asked what he was


doing so far from home. He was further from home than I had imagined. He had


made a journey from Asia to Argentina to pick up medicinal products. I asked what he did in his clinic.


He confidently noted several amazing treatments and remedies he had accomplished with herbs,


nutraceuticals, enerceuticals and homeopathic remedies. Indeed, this was a passion of mine. I


had read extensively about this area of medicine and treatment. I was intrigued.


I had never met someone who actually practiced in this area of medicine. We had


something in common and we talked until the jet boarded. Just before boarding,


we exchanged cards. I never knew that I would need that card.


A month later, I noted that my left hand had begun to shake when I held


something, anything. This was very distracting because I read a lot. Next, I


started noticing that my left arm and leg were showing weakness during my gym


workouts. The problem persisted and progressed. I visited the massage


therapist and the chiropractor. Nothing seemed to improve or stem the tide of


my degenerating condition. By the first of July, my left hand had become very


weak and I had lost the use of my thumb. I was quickly losing musculature in my


left arm and hand. And the twitching, the annoying muscle twitching never


ceased. The twitching became very noticeable about the first of July. At that


point, one did not have to feel the twitch. One could see my arm twitch. It


started in my left bicep and forearm. It gradually moved to my left shoulder. As


the degeneration continued, the twitching moved to other parts of my body. It


moved across my shoulders and started to move down my right arm by the


middle of July. I diagnosed my problem and concluded the problem must be in


my neck.


I called and set an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who had conducted


the last two of my three back surgeries. I met with Dr Birkedal on July 25. He


concluded that I needed neck fusion. However, before we proceeded, he wanted


me to have a nerve test. The nerve test was conducted on July 27. It was


conducted by Dr [masked]. He seemed concerned. About that time, I started to


notice that the twitch had begun in my left leg. We met again with Dr. Caress on


August 1. He indicated that I probably had ALS. After I was informally diagnosed


with ALS, I began praying.


I must establish that I have always been a very self-reliant person. I have very


seldom asked for help. I learned growing up that you helped yourself and if


something went wrong, you figured it out. Now, I was in the fight of my life and I


needed help. My friends asked what I needed and my only response was-prayer.


I prayed, too-for guidance. That guidance came in a dream and I went looking for


the Doctors Card. I had filed it properly and I found it easily the morning. And


To my surprise, he answered promptly. Thank God, he was in my time zone. We


e-mailed back and forth a few times. We agreed upon a time to call and have a


discussion. We spoke over the phone and discussed my symptoms. He

concluded our conversation by saying that I probably did not have ALS. He said


that I probably had a condition referred to as CTEM. He asked that I get my


records from the aforementioned doctors and send them to him. He said he


needed to evaluate what was in the records and then have another telephone


conversation. I shipped my records to him on August 15. He called me the


morning of August 16. He reaffirmed his former diagnosis. We agreed that he


could help me and I agreed for him to order a package of homeopathic (Hansi)


solutions for my condition. We agreed that I would visit and stay in his vicinity


when the product arrived. My wife and I made plans and traveled to his area on


August 26. As one can see, his response and actual treatment was a very


quick turn-around. It was critical for us to initiate treatments as soon as possible


and we did. I was treated daily for two weeks.


My first two treatments were conducted in my hotel room. He and his assistant

came into our hotel room and conducted the primary treatments. He was


concerned with how I would react to the treatments. Most of his former patients


went to sleep after treatment. He was a very accommodating doctor.


After the initial treatments, I noticed improvements. One of the most noticeable


pretreatment symptoms was the weakness and lack of function in my left hand.


After the second treatment, my thumb strength was noticeably better. And I


could oppose my thumb and ring finger again. Over the two weeks of daily


treatment, many of my symptoms subsided. The physical activities that had been


causing major muscle fatigue, twitching, and pain were not affecting me as much.


I was regaining my strength in many areas. Also, my neck felt a lot better and I


was not planning on neck surgery any more.


All of this was accomplished in a totally holistic manner. He was a great


proponent of whole body and mind healing. He taught us how to have a positive


attitude and meditate. He taught us how to dismiss and not concentrate on


problems. A lot of healing is in the mind. He also trained my wife and me in the


procedures he was conducting. My wife and I were to continue the treatments


once we returned home. Dr. [masked] and his wife made us feel at home during the whole


treatment process.


Thank you for saving my life and giving me a new outlook on life.


Thank you and your wife for your kind hospitality. You made Nancy and me feel


right at home. I will go forward in life holding your teachings at heart.


Best Regards,


Julian [masked], PhD